July 2011

Here is my new blog.  I created it to try and capture some everyday moments then use those in my scrapbooks.  Normally it will be a day or two of memories but I am going to try and summarize a whole month and learn to use my new blog.

Braxton got to go on the boat with Casey, Corey (Panda) and Shelly.  He got to tube for the first time and loved it.

Jaxson is growing so much.  He gained 2 pounds in his first month and then almost two more pounds within the next two weeks. Here are some pics of him:
Three weeks old – he really LOVES that Nuni
Four weeks old

Five weeks old – Jaxson “YAY, my nanny D’Anna came to visit”
Six weeks old (mommy loves this outfit)
On Monday 7/25, my best friend Stacy and her girls Kenley and Katie came to visit.  The girls (all of them including Stacy…lol…. fought over holding the baby).  Kenley and Katie had fun playing with Braxton in his room.
Kenley holding Jaxson
Katie holding Jaxson
Braxton and Kenley playing w V-Reader
Of course I had to do a PHOTO SHOOT with Jaxson, here are some of my favorites:
Here is something that I haven’t been able to live without ….
Braxton got to attend soccer camp.

BROTHERS – Braxton is such a good big brother to Jaxson.  He is always wanting to hold him and help with him. 

I have been blessed that I have been able to get some scrapbooking done when Jaxson naps.  This is one of my favorite pages because it brings back many good memories.  When I was a little girl, I would take the Sears and JCPenney catalogues and make a Christmas list for Manny.  After she passed away, we found some of my old lists in her dresser drawer.  I created a scrapbook page to capture that memory and included some old and new photos on it.
We were very BLESSED with rain although at times it is a little scary when the water looks like it is going to come into your HOUSE.
One of my favorite times is BATH TIME, I love how Jaxson seems so alert and he enjoys the sensation of the water.  Braxton helps me wash up Jaxson, I soap him up and Braxton rinses him off.  Then when we dress Jaxson in is pajamas, Braxton helps me put lotion on Jaxson.  Great Memories !
Thanks for reading my blog.  Normally it won’t be this long but I wanted to capture the last month. 

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