Week 1 Project Life

Here are my week one pages.
Story about Braxton and Jaxson playing. Glad I captured this moment.  Pic is on top page above to the left of this journaling.
Tradition of taking down the tree…
My wonderful swing and the story behind it.
I really love Braxton’s imagination, it is CONSTANTLY going.  I also love the angle that I took this shot from….. street level.
My uncompleted list of Top 10 Memories to make.  Also, a great memory of Casey and I dancing in the living room to Urban Cowboy song.
Braxton’s teacher uses Pre-Decodable books to teach them how to read their sight words.  Picture is Braxton reading one to Jaxson and then below is a sample of a front cover of one.
Everyday life…. washing bottles
I am excited so far with Project Life.  Although I haven’t started off this week too good with taking pictures.  Jaxson is sick with hand foot mouth virus and it is throwing me off.  I will get it though, not stressing.

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