Project Life Week 2

Here is my second week for Project Life.  Was worried I wouldn’t be able to get it done since me, Jaxson and Braxton were sick, but I did. I stopped it today because I had enough to fill it and I had the time. 

A wonderful look into the grocery bill for a family of four which includes a baby.  A summary of what our week focused on.
 Memorbilia from our pediatrician.  My journaling about receiving my 1600 photos in the mail from Shutterfly.

Capturing some writing so we can see how we improve by end of school year.
 Casey and Braxton love to try and make Jaxson laugh. 

One lesson I learned this week while trying to get into a groove on Project life is that it might be a good idea to look and see if my picture slots for the upcoming week are going to be landscape or portrait.  I also didn’t stress that I put it together on Saturday even though the week wasn’t ‘technically’ finished yet.  I had the story that I wanted to tell and told it.

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