Project Life – Week 3
Here are my posts for this week.
First page is picture of Braxton playing with his dinosaurs.  He just loves all these little animals.  A snapshot of his report card.  A GREAT picture of Jaxson smiling while we were outside.  I went to Texas on Monday and included the rest area as you enter the state and the Welcome to Texas sign.  Also some pictures that we took during our scrapbook day.  Great times !!
On my second page, I included a fun picture of Braxton playing in the indoor tent that we put up – he was camping !!!  Also included a picture of Oatmeal that Jaxson started eating which makes 3 meals a day for him.  Clipped a section of some extra counting number practices that we are working on because Braxton needs a little improvement in this area. Saturday since it was such a beautiful day, we sat outside under the carport.  Casey cooked, I rocked on my swing, and Braxton and Jaxson played.


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