Project Life Week 8
Lundi Gras
Mardi Gras
Ash Wednesday
Birthday parties
Baseball Registration
Smiley Faces
Frowny Faces
THIS IS MY FAVORITE PART of this week’s page
Things I want my Sons to Know

Aunt Bobbie brought her roosters and chickens to Mardi Gras.  It was a big HIT!

Page 2
SOCKS !!! They are always falling off and we are always putting back on.

Teething !
My precious babies !

Project Life Week 6

Here is week 6.  I did not take many pictures this week but I did have a story or two to tell.  It was still easy to put it all together.   I figured it I didn’t have enough to fill I wouldn’t stress, I would just use some of the great decorative cards that came with the kit.  I am really enjoying doing Project Life. 
Captured some memorabilia from the week.  Jaxson’s red heart from daycare.  Some of Braxton’s valentines.  A wonderful sign from Pinterest about being grateful for what you have because it was once what you wanted. A butterfly sticker that came with a shirt I bought, I love butterflies.  Also a MILESTONE note about Jaxson sitting up all by himself and not falling over too much.

My favorite this week is Jaxson’s 1st tooth.  I love this picture of the little white tooth breaking through.  Tough week for Jaxson cause I know it hurt cause he was fussy all week.  He has another one right next to it that will break through any day now.

We went to the parade Friday night and the floats were throwing so good.  One float threw two bags of beads as well as some singles and Braxton said:  ‘ Is that ALL you got?”  Funny the things kids say.


Project Life Week 5

Here is week 5 (a little late posting cause life is busy).  Lots of good life moments this week.
Braxton turned 5 this week.  He got a new bike for his birthday which he got to ride for the 1st time in the house. 
Sunday was the Scott Mardi Gras Parade and we had lots of family in for the parade as well as was joined by some good friends.
 Saturday night, all the kids sang Happy Birthday to him and he actually seemed a little shy which is UNUSUAL for Braxton.
One of my favorite stories this week was Jaxson discovered cause and effect.  He slapped his hand in the bath water and splashed water up on his face.  Once he realized what happened, he did it over and over again.
Braxton wanted it to stop raining, he prayed out loud:  ‘Father, Father please make rain go away and bring a SUNNY DAY.’
On the day of the Scott parade,  Braxton saw a float pass on the way to the lineup.  He ran inside and said: “Mardi Gras is comin’, RIGHT now”

Crafts from Pinterest

For Braxton’s party, I searched Pinterest for cute ideas.  I found alot but with an infant in the house, I definitely don’t have the time to do everything I wanted to do. 
I was able to do this Happy Birthday banner made from comic books.

Here are the cupcakes that I had Dessert Diva in Scott make and they turned out so cute.

Another idea that I got from Pinterest and only made a couple of them was Super Hero lollipops. Although with all the craziness of the party, I FORGOT to take a picture of them.  
At least it is good to see my many many hours on Pinterest payoff finally….. 😉 

Project Life Week 4

Project Life Week 4

Jaxson is eating food so good now.  Top right is a clipping from Braxton’s super hero banner that I copied from Pinterest.  Braxton ready for his Super Hero birthday party.

Party pics and a great pic of Braxton and Jaxson.

Summary of the party

1…2…3…. Blow birthday boy !
My favorite flip flops (of 4 yrs) broke and the ones above were the replacements, I hated them so bad, already had to start using another pair.

Thank goodness for caffeine.  On Thursday I was SOOOO tired that I treated myself to a Peppermint Mocha…..mmmmm…..goood.