Project Life Week 5

Here is week 5 (a little late posting cause life is busy).  Lots of good life moments this week.
Braxton turned 5 this week.  He got a new bike for his birthday which he got to ride for the 1st time in the house. 
Sunday was the Scott Mardi Gras Parade and we had lots of family in for the parade as well as was joined by some good friends.
 Saturday night, all the kids sang Happy Birthday to him and he actually seemed a little shy which is UNUSUAL for Braxton.
One of my favorite stories this week was Jaxson discovered cause and effect.  He slapped his hand in the bath water and splashed water up on his face.  Once he realized what happened, he did it over and over again.
Braxton wanted it to stop raining, he prayed out loud:  ‘Father, Father please make rain go away and bring a SUNNY DAY.’
On the day of the Scott parade,  Braxton saw a float pass on the way to the lineup.  He ran inside and said: “Mardi Gras is comin’, RIGHT now”

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