Project Life – week 9 (i think)
We had lots of fun this week with Braxton helping me take pictures.  For Lent, Braxton is looking for ‘Good Deeds’ to do, so he can learn how to help people.  This week, he helped me wash bottles and feed Jaxson (left pics).  He even opened the door for me one day when we went to leave.
Braxton is so good at making Jaxson laugh and playing with him.
This is my FAVORITE photo of the week.  I took with my camera phone so the lighting is not so good but the MOMENT is awesome.

Braxton being a good helper.

Some of Braxton’s pictures.  It was hard to let him use my camera because of course I was worried he would drop it, but he did good with holding it.  

Braxton took a picture of me taking a picture of him….too funny.  
 Here is one of the pictures that Braxton took.  Sometimes he just waits a little too long to click the button, but this picture was perfect !

After Jaxson went to bed Thursday, Braxton and I played Hide N Seek upstairs.  It was so much fun !
Good Week

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