Project Life – Week 10
We signed Braxton up for karate this week.  He got his GI on Thursday and he got his 1st karate chip.  Hope he likes it !

Another Earache, my poor baby !
We were at CVS picking up aprescription before a birthday party.  Braxton said:  ” Mommy, open the door.  I have to go tell these people to move.”
Two years ago after Manny passed away, I bought a hibiscus.  Of course I killed it.  I cleaned all the branches out.  I kept the pot to re-plant soemthing but hadn’t yet.  This week I noticed a 6″ hibiscus branch sprout up.  WHAT A SURPRISE !  Thank you Manny

 Pictures from Kaden’s birthday party (classmate), from our trip in Texas : Colten and Kaden playing with Jaxson,  Braxton in car seat on way, Gas prices (outrageous), and Jaxson playing in front of frig.

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