Project Life   – Week 11
I didn’t take pictures all week until the weekend, so busy all week.  I don’t really have a favorite picture this week but if I had to pick one it would be that picture of Jaxson at bottom right.

Busy, Busy week, it flew by. We had karate twice.  I went to Baton Rouge two days and Lake Charles once.  Saturday we went to TX for Colten’s party.  I barely remember what happened on American Idol.  Sunday was a nice family fun day.

Quote of the week:  God’s plans for your life FAR EXCEED the circumstances of your day.
Highlight of the week:  Ben and Racheal are buying a house in Scott, 3.2 miles away. 
Downer of the week:  Legislature did not approve our raises – 3rd year in a row.

Love babyfeet – glad spring is here (bare baby feet always remind me of Desiree)

Page 2

Braxton practicing his swing Sunday.

Rotary phone – blast from the past
My kids will not know what this is.  They will not realize how lucky they are that they didn’t have to dial a NUMBER then afterward hear ppprrddd, prrrdd, prrddd as it ROLLS back to place

Red drawing – Braxton and his family

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