week in the life startup

gifluv-misc-499546115.gifWeek in the life project this week. My best friend Stacy is also doing it.  It will be very fun to compare our weeks when we finish.  I got to talk to her today and hadn’t realized how much I missed her.  Hope we get to scrapbook soon.  It is wonderful to have a friend for over 20 years and even more wonderful to still have so much in common.  The only sad part is we live so far away or so it seems sometimes.

Project Life – Week 12
Report card time…. rocked the sight words this time… whohoo

Registered Braxton for L. Leo Judice School of Choice

Braxton’s picture of his family – him, me, and Casey.  Other were there but couldn’t fit in the photo sleeve.

Carter came over for a couple of hours and then Braxton went with Carter to go swimming.

Cruisin….. fast, across the floor
Barn dance party video