my little superhero

I am amazed daily at this child’s imagination. Ever since he was 18 months old, he has played with characters.  I would love to see inside his head.  He BANGS, BOOMS, and CRASHES them into each other.  Someone is always falling or needs help. His imagination reminds me of my own childhood.  Desiree and I could play house or play with Barbies for hoursand hours.  It is so interesting to see parts of yourself in your child.  I love revalations like this!!!!
As a mother, I often wonder what he will grow up to be.   I really do not care what it is but I do hope I can help him find his talents and use them to have a job that he truly enjoys doing.  

One thought on “my little superhero

  1. Desiree' says:

    this is so awesome!!! Brady still plays with his they are little Lego men but he still plays. I love the imagination and I am so glad my children use theirs!!! Laynee will play for hours and hours, never needing anyone to play with or entertain her. Children….I love their minds!!!


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