Project Life : Week Forty- Six

My favorite this week was getting a GAS GRILL for my birthday from Casey and Keith.  I have been wanting a grill for about 4 years and now the day has finally come.  I got to cook steaks, hamburgers, grilled shrimp, stuffed jalapeños, and shish-k-bobs this week.  I didn’t do too bad and didn’t burn anything.

My favorite quote this week was Braxton saying:  I want LSU to win the trophy and Mississippi to go in the trash.  
The things that comes out of my precious boys’ mouth continues to make me laugh and  make me amazed at what goes on in his head. 

Friday night Casey and I got to have a ‘date night’ and go out to watch Jaryd Lane and Tracy Lawrence in concert.  We really enjoyed some adult time.

Sunday afternoon we watched Avengers movie.  During the two hour movie, Braxton changed into three different costumes to match the characters in e movie.  I love his imagination and his LOVE of Super Heroes.
As Thanksgiving time is upon us, I have to reflect on how thankful I am to have my boys and how Project Life helps me step back and appreciate these moments when my boys are little.

One thought on “Project Life : Week Forty- Six

  1. Desiree' says:

    Your comment about Braxton changing while watching the Avengers movie reminds me of my Brady!! He still changes to match the sports he plays outside with his friends and if he is watching a certain superhero movie, he has been known to change again!! Love their imaginations!!


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