Project Life : Week Forty-Seven

 Blessings. Tradition. Family
These are some of the words that I reflected on this week, both in the moment and while putting together this week’s pages.  
Blessings – I am BLESSED to have some really close family and friends.  During My 40th birthday party, I sat back and truly enjoyed talking and dancing with my family and Stacy.  We laughed and talked and talked.  My sister-in- law and favorite cousin/sister did an excellent job decorating for the party in my new favorite color ‘teal’ with accents in black and white.  We even had a photo booth that provided  lots of fun and silly photos that we will enjoy for a while.  My husband did a great job cooking a jambalaya for the group. Such a blessing to have people who care for me in my life.
Tradition and Family- I am grateful that I have a family to spend the holidays with.  I was very reflective on how holidays have changed for us, especially Thanksgiving – location, who is there, and the food we eat. The changes make me SAD because I miss spending time with some of my family.  On a positive note, I get to make new traditions – I get to cook a holiday meal and combine dishes from my family and my husband’s family for everyone’s enjoyment.  We don’t have to travel during peak times of the holiday.  It is like an exciting new adventure.  At the same time, I have a hole in my heart of good memories, traditions, and family that will always be there no matter what.
Busy week – busy at work, Thanksgiving, stomach virus, trip to Texas for Kaden’s 8th birthday and my 40th birthday party.
New Thanksgiving food traditions:

Party Fun