Project Life : Week 2

Reflection!!!! I love looking back at my family memories. While reviewing January pages from my 2012 Project Life album, it hit me how much my little boys have changed in just ONE YEAR. I took advantage of the moment to jot down a couple of comparisons for 2012 vs. 2013.

2012 vs 2013

2012 vs 2013

Here are my Week 2 pages:

01 19 13_6355
01 19 13_6356

I have to say that FOOD and SCRAPBOOKING go together well – both feed the soul. I was enjoying some fresh Pico de Gallo (my brother Keith’s recipe) while writing my journaling for this week. It is so good that I will have to share here. 01 12 13_6320
Pico Recipe
2-3 large tomatoes
1-2 purple onions
1 batch of cilantro
2-3 jalapenos
1-2 avocados
2-3 limes

Cut the tomato and onion first. The trick is to get a little more tomato than onion in the mix. Then cut the jalapenos, avocados, and cilantro. Mix together. Squeeze lime juice from at least 2 limes over and mix. Salt to taste.

Back to the week…. we went back to school and got back into the routine of things after Christmas break. Over the weekend, We got to go with the Aucoin’s to the Mid Winter Fair Rodeo and Braxton thoroughly enjoyed spending time with Carter. We had heavy rains and flooding close to home. Jaxson learning to crawl ALL over the furniture. Good times… I love my boys!

Keeping up with resolutions some:

2012 vs 2013

2012 vs 2013

I am really enjoying the kit that I am using this year Project Life Cobalt Edition, but am still adding embellishments such as the ‘baby talk’ circle and the ‘I Want’ washi tape to put a personal creative touch on my pages.

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