Project Life Week 3

Week 3
Family time, visiting long time friends, trying new FOOD, and sick little one. 

My favorite part of Week 3 was Sunday Fun Day.  
What a blessing to have a day to slow down and enjoy LIFE with my boys. Sunday was a great day all around and I am truly thankful. Snapshots of the fun :

Mommy challenges this week were going to work when Braxton was home sick with the flu – hard to walk out the door, but hubby did a great job with him. (Little did I know that next week it would be my turn with Jaxson)
Update on my 2013 Resolutions: 
The hardest one is the one involving exercise ….. I have NO desire to do this even though it would give me energy and make me feel great.  I need some motivation here!!!!!
On the creative side of things, I am still enjoying using my @ProjectLife Cobalt kit –  the colors are so vibrant.  I searched through my digital elements and used some Day of the Week labels on my Sunday pictures. I also used a YOU circle element from Ali Edwards on Braxton’s photo. I downloaded several free elements from Pinterest And hope to use some of them on weeks to come.

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