Project Life Week 4

Bronchitis, ear infections, coloring, puzzles, reading books and playing outside…. fun times.

02 10 13_652902 10 13_6532

Monday – Wednesday I was home with Jaxson and he was sick with bronchitis and double ear infections. On Monday, Braxton was out of school and going stir crazy, so we went outside when the Jaxson was napping.  We played Super Heroes on the swingset.  I love these moments….

02 10 13_6531

I bought some new cards from Elle’s Studio and they have great journaling prompts-see currently below.  It helps me capture parts of our everyday that I wouldn’t have thought about on my own.

On Sunday, we had the best time playing with the boys outside…. definitely a SUNDAY FUN DAY.

  • Coffee & Blog Hop
  • Grilling Steaks
  • Visit from friends
  • Playing football, baseball, and soccer all day in the yard

02 10 13_6533


One of my favorite new creative items is the Becky Higgins Design I inserts.  I am using them to include my instagram photos in my Project Life album.

02 10 13_653602 10 13_6537

4 thoughts on “Project Life Week 4

  1. cheryl underhill says:

    Thank you So much for sharing So many photos..and accompanied thoughts and reflections on your lives..both in “sickness and in health”. Wishing you all continued recovery …hope Mardi Gras celebrating is helping with that.
    Happy Valentine’s Day 🙂
    Have a Great week!
    Nanny Cheryl ♡


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