Project Life : Week 8 busy, busy, busy, Rodeo

Two words to describe this week : BUSY and Fun!

03 10 13_6670

We had an incredibly busy week…. karate, soccer, homework, WORK, WORK, WORK,  then Houston Rodeo.  It was nice to have some downtime to enjoy Braxton one on one.  He gets less attention now that Jaxson is around so I enjoy small pieces of time with just him.

03 10 13_6671

03 10 13_6674

Robbie, Corrina and Brandon recently moved to Houston.  They met us at the rodeo and we got to spend the day together.  Sure do miss them but enjoyed our time.

03 10 13_6676

The rodeo is full of sights to see, from animals to shopping to events.  We love going every year.

03 10 13_6675

Jaxson stayed with Momma for the weekend.  He had fun playing with Grandmommie.

03 10 13_6673

Check in on my Resolutions

Pray more —- definitely did THIS WEEK!!!

Playing – quality time with Braxton

Drink more water —- YES !

Visit w family – ate lunch with Momma and visited

Smile – I feel blessed !!!

03 10 13_6672

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