Project Life : Week 9 Lottery trip, Soccer, Playing, Right Now



When I begin putting this week together, I was struggling because I had been out of town all week and felt like I was not in touch with what the kids did.  When I got back, I caught up quick with some photos.  I went up into my scrapbook room and started working on the journaling.   It all came together quickly and I was even inspired to use other products such as Creative Imaginations – Impress-ons.  I am trying to be aware of my goals to branch out and be creative in my Project Life posts.


Lottery Fun – we are not allowed to play Louisiana or National Lottery games so when I go visit another state, I like to have some fun with their scratch-off tickets.  When someone was going to the store, I jumped on the chance to buy me a few.  I WON $1.  Whoohoo !


One of my favorite Features this week was my RIGHT NOW journaling cards.  I scraplifted this idea from Kristina Proffitt on Michelle Bostinelos Saturday Blog Hop.  Discovering this idea was perfect timing since I hadn’t been with the boys for the whole week.  It allowed me to capture a different aspect of our lives.


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