#ProjectLife week 11: friends, family, and fun

What a great week, full swing with school, karate belt testing, friends, soccer, birthday parties and more. Definitely one for the time management books.




Favorite story of the week: Jaxson wanted to put a DVD in the player, when Braxton realized which one it was he was adamant that Jaxson could not watch because it had a ‘naked’ person in it. When I looked at DVD it was of MDA camp, We do skits to entertain the kids and one of the guys had dressed up like baby Cupid so he had his shirt off. It was so cute to see Braxton being protective of his baby brother.


Feeling blessed that my best friend and I get to have our kids grow up together….




3 thoughts on “#ProjectLife week 11: friends, family, and fun

  1. cheryl underhill says:

    Too cute!! Probably reminded you of a time or two, you had to “protect” Keith from something you perceived as not best for him…Oh, that was last week! Ha!    Happy Easter!       Love,         Nanny Cheryl


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