#ProjectLife Week 12

Soccer, Superheroes, Elmo, LSU Baseball, and more….


My little superheroes….. they love dressing up in their costumes and pajamas.  I know one day they will no longer want to dress up so I am trying to capture every adorable moment.


FINALLY I feel back on track.  Praying, sleep, making lists, and completing some tasks have gotten me over the hump.


Braxton’s ADHD counselor has been working with him on following directions and one of the ideas that we use at home is a chore chart.  Braxton has been doing excellent with this visual tool.  He loves putting the stickers on the chart and feeling a sense of accomplishment for doing well.  After spring break, we will work on visual tools for school.



At the beginning of the year, I wrote down some resolutions.  Seems like people lose sight of their resolutions quickly, so this year I am using my Project Life album to help me refocus on them throughout the year.  Some of the resolutions I am not doing well on such as Sit Ups – haven’t done it once ! Others such as praying more, playing with the boys more and using other tools for creativity in my album, I have been more successful at.


Friday Fun Time – playing outside with the family. PawPaw helping Braxton be Superman.


Here is my favorite part of this album : RIGHT NOW.  It helps me capture things that I might not necessarily have pictures of such as…… Braxton sending his best friend Carter a video to wish him luck on his 1st swim meet or Jaxson showing us his food in his mouth and laughing out loud because it is so funny to him.


Products I used this week were Becky Higgins Project Life Cobalt Edition, Design A page protectors, EK Success stickers, Creative Imaginations Bubble Letters, Tracy reed Digital Bowl A Rama Kit  Arrow.

I love this project !

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