#ProjectLife Celebratory Blog Hop: 25% done

I started Project Life in 2012. I was so focused on trying to make it like other Project Lifers creative pages that I forgot what my purpose was: TO CAPTURE THE MOMENTS IN OUR EVERYDAY LIVES.

When I was trying to decide whether or not to do Project Life in 2013, I needed to make a change to simplify this year. Here are my Five Survival Tips:

1. Organize supplies so they are easy to find. Project Life kits, tape, pens, embellishments such as date stamp, rub on letters, days of the week stickers, letter stickers, washi tape, etc.


2. Identify tools that you can use to capture your week:
– iPhone camera, Digital camera, iPad
– Voice Notes on iPhone or iPad to capture stories
– Instagram to dress up photos
– notes on iPhone or iPad to capture things I want to say during the week
– location to store memorabilia throughout the week. Mine is on top of my Project Life basket.


3. Know your Purpose! Project Life is whatever you want it to be: creative outlet, photography display, or story telling of your daily life. This year my purpose is to TELL the stories. I am not worried about keeping up with the latest creativity trends. I am using the supplies I have and focusing on capturing the story.


4. Keep it Simple. Simplicity with this project has allowed me to keep up this year and enjoy the process more. One key way I have simplified the process over last year was to use the Design A and Design I protectors only. This enables me to quickly select the pictures and journaling cards needed for my page layouts.


5. Plan for the week: try to develop some consistency with when you work on your album. If you develop some habits early on, it will help you update your album weekly. My process is to upload pictures on Sunday night to my favorite photo lab near work. Then depending on my schedule, I pickup either Monday or Tuesday. I add the photos to my album then work on my journaling cards. My goal each week is to to get layout completed by Wednesday night.

This is truly one of the most meaningful ways I have ever used to scrapbook our lives. I am enjoying the process, the moments, the ease of use, and the end result. By simplifying it, I am able to keep up each week while having two little boys at my feet.

Capture. Purpose. Simplify. Enjoy.

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19 thoughts on “#ProjectLife Celebratory Blog Hop: 25% done

  1. creatingpurpose says:

    I love this! It is all so true. Especially the help from my iPhone/iPad I’ve made this far as well but I create an entire month of pages at a time. It’s what’s keeping me on top of it.


  2. michelle says:

    You should check out PicTapGo for your iPhone photo processing. It’s awesome and works great with instagram as well. Another one you might like is the Day One app for journaling. I don’t use it, but my husband does and he loves it.


  3. Emily Adams says:

    Great tips – I need to be get into a more regular routine… at first I was able to do my layouts on Tuesday, but I’ve been slacking here lately and have been doing them later in the week at odd times.


  4. Katina Martinez says:

    I agree with you … this is the most meaningful way I’ve used my scrapbooking in our life as well…. its amazing that I spent so much time scrapbooking our life and really scrapbook nothing, yet with project life I spent 1/8 of the time scrapbooking and yet its so much more meaningful!!!!! its amazing 🙂


  5. Margie S (Nihao, Cupcake!) says:

    Excellent insight! I know I have to remind myself of my top priorities sometimes if I get distracted with the creative side, etc. Some weeks I can get creative, other weeks I have to be tough on myself and just get it done despite the temptation to do it “perfect!” Thanks so much for joining us for the blog hop! I loved your post. So thoughtful!


  6. Rechelle says:

    Love your post! My albums are about the pictures, for me, that’s what I love. But that’s what is so great about the PL system, you can interpret it in a way that works best for you!


  7. scrumptious says:

    These are great tips, and apply to digi (which is what I’m doing) as well as print. Everyone who is managing to keep up says the same thing, “Keep it simple.” In terms of deciding what I want my PL to be, I seem to be caught between two missions – on the one hand, I want to record the stories and the everyday moments and stay up to date while doing so, and on the other hand it’s my main creative outlet for playing around and learning new things.


    • michelle7259 says:

      It is a balance, some weeks I try something new then some weeks I don’t. Most importantly I don’t put any pressure on myself to ‘be creative’ so I can balance it. I am thinking about doing digital next year. I think it is easier to be creative with digital.


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