#ProjectLife Week 18 America has a tornado, Dear God, breaking my feelings, and not wanting to grow up.

The main reason I love doing this project it to capture the cute and sweet antidotes of my children. My favorite story from this week was Braxton hearing tornado warnings on the radio. He told me he needed to call his best friend to tell him that America has a tornado. So cute and so sweet.


I have to say that I have been through one or two challenges in my life and this quote that I saw online spoke to me about being strong. Dear God….



Braxton: I didn’t mean to break your feelings.


My favorite photo of the week, so unusual to get both boys looking at the camera.


My cape jasmine plant …. It survived ME. I do not exactly have a green thumb so after Manny’s funeral 3 years ago, I took home a plant that could be buried in the ground to increase it’s odds of survival. Every time I look at it I think about her and how she loved her plants and flowers. She enjoyed the beauty of life every day and I am thankful that she taught me to enjoy it too.


But I don’t want to grow up…. Sweet little Braxton crying worried about who is going to take care of him when he grows up and I grow old. He really wasn’t excited when I told him that it would be his turn to take care of me! But of course I told him he could live with mommy FOREVER.


One thought on “#ProjectLife Week 18 America has a tornado, Dear God, breaking my feelings, and not wanting to grow up.

  1. cheryl underhill says:

    This is all so absolutely sweet and beautiful that it made me tearup! How profoundly deep and caring Braxton’s thoughts are! What a lovely flower and living reminder of your grandmother.
    Nanny Cheryl 🙂


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