Hello 2017 Digital Again

Years ago , when my first nephew was born, I discovered digital scrapbooking.  I felt my pages were more creative and I loved that the kits had so many elements that I could work with vs. paper scrapbooking.   I continued enjoying digital up until my second son was born then just didn’t have time to do both.

Fast forward to 2017 !!!! Back in the saddle again and remember why I love it.

I participated in two scrapbook challenges and here are my pages below.


Sweet Shoppe Designs – Blagovesta Gosheva – things that make me happy kit


Miss Mint Kit – Little Rebel Kit


P.S. enjoying every minute of my re-found fun…

love of lists…..



About a year ago,  I bought a daily planner to carry around in my purse and help me organize my life.  I used it for a while but never really felt that it worked for me.  I prettied it up and tried to make it my own.  Bottom Line – it didn’t meet my needs. I tried and tried to look for another one and even have gone as far as to brainstorm a design template of what I want.

In the meantime,  I had to keep track of all items going on in my mind so I bought a plain jane notebook.  I started writing my lists:

Christmas list – who and what


Blog Posts I want to write

Grocery Lists

Goals for 2017

Creative ideas and my drawings of creative inspiration that I saw online



The most wonderful phenomenon happened….. I felt organized with my 25+ lists.  I started checking items off and now feel that 2017 is going to be a very productive year.

The Choice is Yours and its simple – do what works for YOU !















Starting today… 

Starting today ….

  • First page of my One Little Word project – CREATE
  • Setting my goals for the project
  • Already achieving one of my goals (if you own iPhone, you will love this****)

Here is my title page for my album: 

I Love how the word ‘create’ turned out from my Silhouette. 

Next are my goals for this year and this project: 

My Goal ……CREATE – use of new techniques monthly

I just learned something AWESOME. I learned how to add text directly to my photos without having to download another app.

Go into your photos on iPhone. Click on edit, then the ‘three line’ icon at bottom. Then click on three dots. …with circle around them,  then Markup . You can use that tool to write or type on your photos. 

I am so excited about this!!!! Hope you enjoy too. 

Year in Review 2016

First, let me say that we are blessed…. great family, friends and experiences. 

Second, here is the end to my 2016 Project Life scrapbook. I love tying the scrapbook up at the end of the year with some reflection, favorite pictures and of course the kids favorites. 

This year I used Ali Edwards Review Story Kit for most of my project and combined it with One Little Word Reflection digital cards for a hybrid layout mix. 

Here are the main pages rhen we will dive into my favorites.

#Projectlife #aliedwardsstorykit #olw2015

First 5 months of fun!

#Projectlife #aliedwardsstorykit #olw2015

Next 5 months of family and fun!

#Projectlife #aliedwardsstorykit #olw2015

Last two months of blessings and some fun facts about this year.

Moments I loved, kids favorites, 2016 goals met…or not


#Projectlife #aliedwardsstorykit #olw2015

2016 moments I loved

#Projectlife #aliedwardsstorykit #olw2015

Love of brothers, love this photo

#Projectlife #aliedwardsstorykit #olw2015

Extremely fun month!

#Projectlife #aliedwardsstorykit #olw2015

Sister, cousin, best friend

#Projectlife #aliedwardsstorykit #olw2015

Learning to ride! Family time!

BYE,BYE 2016……..HERE WE COME 2017