love of lists…..



About a year ago,  I bought a daily planner to carry around in my purse and help me organize my life.  I used it for a while but never really felt that it worked for me.  I prettied it up and tried to make it my own.  Bottom Line – it didn’t meet my needs. I tried and tried to look for another one and even have gone as far as to brainstorm a design template of what I want.

In the meantime,  I had to keep track of all items going on in my mind so I bought a plain jane notebook.  I started writing my lists:

Christmas list – who and what


Blog Posts I want to write

Grocery Lists

Goals for 2017

Creative ideas and my drawings of creative inspiration that I saw online



The most wonderful phenomenon happened….. I felt organized with my 25+ lists.  I started checking items off and now feel that 2017 is going to be a very productive year.

The Choice is Yours and its simple – do what works for YOU !















One thought on “love of lists…..

  1. Cheryl A. Underhill says:

    Michelle, what a wonderful story, on doing what is fundamentally in our best interest and level of comfort, if possible to do so. I have actually been using a Daytimer Organizer/Calendar since I was 26 yrs old (almost 35 years)..and use the section for lists that is provided on the “2 page per day” calendar. It is the Best feeling, to draw a line, through something accomplished!! Thank you for giving us a picture on how you are doing yours. We all have 24 hrs in a day…however, being organized, in some fashion, (I have found), can help, to best maximize and enjoy those hrs. 🙂


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