December Daily 2017 (part 1)

Before I start on 2018, I wanted to wrap up 2017 with my last project…. December Daily.

I am 70% finished with my 6×8 December Daily album. I love this project because it relates so well to my purpose for the Christmas season and that is to enjoy it.  My goal every year is to be done with the shopping by Thanksgiving then just kick back and enjoy the season and all that entails…. giving, family, Christmas decor, season of smiles, etc.

This wonderful project allows me to do that.  BE IN THE MOMENT, at the very least once a day.  Here are some captures from my album so far.


Here is my favorite decorative page:


IT is a combination of the simplicity of it, the words, and the year big and bold.

Here is another one of my creative favs.fullsizeoutput_7ea

Now we get to the daily pics which really are the highlight of my album.

Day 1 and 2 – new life and new experience


Day 3 and 4 – decorating the tree and the cookies


Day 5 and 6 – creative idea gathering and giving to others


Day 7 and 8 – Christmas contest and first day to experience snow


Day 9 and 10 – social study fair – 3rd Place and seeing new nephew for 1st time


From a creative standpoint, I LOVE Ali Edwards December Daily overlay.  From a photo standpoint, it is so hard to pick.  From an experience standpoint, it is tied with holding that little baby in my arms and being so proud of Braxton for his fair participation.

This wraps up the first part of my December Daily post.  I enjoyed sharing one of my favorite albums to make.

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