We are applying to Magnet Academies right now for our transition into 6th grade next year.  Very stressful to Mom here because I want him to get accepted into our first choice which is a STEM academy but would also be happy the the Arts Academy that we were auditioning on the day of this pick.  For now,  we have done our part and just need to wait and pray for the results on Feb 20.  #allingodsplan #pray #faith

On another note, I have had a VERY productive weekend so far…. creating a new page with my Ali Edwards Story Kit Changes (perfect for this picture and the story behind it).

braxton middle school_edited-2

I love the word phrases and how you can capture little pieces of your current thoughts with quick one – two word phrases.

Making some Mardi Gras pants for Braxton since he outgrew his this year.


and cooking soups and rice and gravy so I can have some quick meals during the week.

Enjoy your week! #aliedwards #mardigras

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