December Daily – My favs!!!

Started December Daily and so far here are my favorites so far :

Favorite cut with my Silhouette…

Favorite SMILES….

Favorite Holiday activity…..

Favorite Elf on the Shelf activity…… per Braxton If he were the elf he wants to bring joy to the world and everyone believe in Santa. #Christmasspirit

I love sitting back during the holidays and enjoying the season!  #Christmasspirit

Again… Life with two boys 

I always feel like I am barely keeping up with life, work, kids, house, etc.  So here is my newest attempt at blogging about my favorite hobby….SCRAPBOOKING!!  Let me say again and again…. The reason I love this hobby is because I get to capture some of my precious moments with these two little ( not for long) boys who call me Mommy. 

 Sunday I played catchup on last three weeks of Project Life using my newest story kit from Ali Edwards – Little Things.  This was my second favorite story kit that she has created. It was so relevant and easy to work with. Here are some of my favorite highlights.
 Love the bright vibrant color combination and I got to use some white string that I have had forever.  

Art walk fun, playtime, capturing memories..

Wonderful journaling card that helped me capture current snapshot of that little one who keeps me on my toes.



Capturing 5 little memories of the week…. Love those teal words that I incorporated into the journaling.    

Story of the week: Jaxson’s mosquito bite…. He woke up and told me that he didn’t want his teacher to see him like this and thought he needed to stay home.   He’s only three and already trying to negotiate out of going to school.




My grandmother passed away five years ago.  I got this plant from the service and the week of her birthday this year I had the most blooms ever. Guess my special little angel is looking down on me.

#aliedwards #projectlife #scrapbooking #lovebeingmomofboys

#ProjectLife week 15 #baseball #friends #playgroundfun

Week 15…..opening weekend for baseball, playing on playground, fun quotes, mouse trap, busy week



Braxton’s 1st handwritten note, phonetically correct , too cute. He was so worried that I would forget to bring his toys to karate.


Let’s Rock This Baby Out…..


Bottom right picture is Braxton’s self made mouse trap. He was going to sit there until mouse ran out to eat then capture it with the bucket. So incredibly sweet especially since he knows how much Mommy dislikes those furry little creatures.


My girl Jill came to visit. She is always there with a smiling face and words of encouragement. We help support each other through daily life challenges.


Have I said lately how much I love this project and capturing our memories!

#ProjectLife Week 14 Truck stuck, Friday playtime, Soccer, Boudin Festival Fun, and Saturday Blog Hop

Truck stuck, Friday playtime, Soccer, Boudin Festival Fun, and Saturday Blog Hop…. full week

04 09 13_6910

04 09 13_6911

04 09 13_6912

Festival fun with food, bands, rides, etc.

04 09 13_6913

My Truck Adventure…. life isn’t all about happy good moments… capture the challenging times too.

04 09 13_6914

My favorite photo of the week… my two precious boys

04 09 13_6915

More festival fun…. Carter and Braxton. Jaxson taking a nap with music blaring.  I love that he is a hard sleeper. Just wish he was a long sleeper as in through the night. Momma needs some rest.

04 09 13_6916

04 09 13_6917

Favorite story of the week:  Every day we say our prayers after we drop off Jaxson at daycare.  Braxton wanted us to start saying them before we dropped him off.  First day we forgot so Braxton prayed to God : “God please send me a NOTE so we can remember to say prayers when Jaxson is in the car”.

These are the memories I love to capture.

04 09 13_6918

#ProjectLife Week 12

Soccer, Superheroes, Elmo, LSU Baseball, and more….


My little superheroes….. they love dressing up in their costumes and pajamas.  I know one day they will no longer want to dress up so I am trying to capture every adorable moment.


FINALLY I feel back on track.  Praying, sleep, making lists, and completing some tasks have gotten me over the hump.


Braxton’s ADHD counselor has been working with him on following directions and one of the ideas that we use at home is a chore chart.  Braxton has been doing excellent with this visual tool.  He loves putting the stickers on the chart and feeling a sense of accomplishment for doing well.  After spring break, we will work on visual tools for school.



At the beginning of the year, I wrote down some resolutions.  Seems like people lose sight of their resolutions quickly, so this year I am using my Project Life album to help me refocus on them throughout the year.  Some of the resolutions I am not doing well on such as Sit Ups – haven’t done it once ! Others such as praying more, playing with the boys more and using other tools for creativity in my album, I have been more successful at.


Friday Fun Time – playing outside with the family. PawPaw helping Braxton be Superman.


Here is my favorite part of this album : RIGHT NOW.  It helps me capture things that I might not necessarily have pictures of such as…… Braxton sending his best friend Carter a video to wish him luck on his 1st swim meet or Jaxson showing us his food in his mouth and laughing out loud because it is so funny to him.


Products I used this week were Becky Higgins Project Life Cobalt Edition, Design A page protectors, EK Success stickers, Creative Imaginations Bubble Letters, Tracy reed Digital Bowl A Rama Kit  Arrow.

I love this project !

#ProjectLife week 11: friends, family, and fun

What a great week, full swing with school, karate belt testing, friends, soccer, birthday parties and more. Definitely one for the time management books.




Favorite story of the week: Jaxson wanted to put a DVD in the player, when Braxton realized which one it was he was adamant that Jaxson could not watch because it had a ‘naked’ person in it. When I looked at DVD it was of MDA camp, We do skits to entertain the kids and one of the guys had dressed up like baby Cupid so he had his shirt off. It was so cute to see Braxton being protective of his baby brother.


Feeling blessed that my best friend and I get to have our kids grow up together….




Loaded Cauliflower and Broccoli

So we are eating lunch at my mother in laws today and I love her cooking… Rice dressing, potato salad with homemade mayonnaise, steaks and pork n beans. Carb festival but delicious!!!! I needed to find something HEALTHIER to contribute and this is what I came up with.


Loaded cauliflower and broccoli from Pinterest (all those hours pinning stuff and I am finally creating one).

1 cup cauliflower
1 cup broccoli
1 tsp butter
1 tbsp ranch dressing
Shredded cheddar cheese
1 strip bacon , crumbled
Salt and pepper

Steam veggies with butter. Place in Baking dish, mix in ranch dressing, top with cheese, microwave until melted. Add bacon to top.

Less carbs than baked potato with all the flavor.

Project Life : Week 9 Lottery trip, Soccer, Playing, Right Now



When I begin putting this week together, I was struggling because I had been out of town all week and felt like I was not in touch with what the kids did.  When I got back, I caught up quick with some photos.  I went up into my scrapbook room and started working on the journaling.   It all came together quickly and I was even inspired to use other products such as Creative Imaginations – Impress-ons.  I am trying to be aware of my goals to branch out and be creative in my Project Life posts.


Lottery Fun – we are not allowed to play Louisiana or National Lottery games so when I go visit another state, I like to have some fun with their scratch-off tickets.  When someone was going to the store, I jumped on the chance to buy me a few.  I WON $1.  Whoohoo !


One of my favorite Features this week was my RIGHT NOW journaling cards.  I scraplifted this idea from Kristina Proffitt on Michelle Bostinelos Saturday Blog Hop.  Discovering this idea was perfect timing since I hadn’t been with the boys for the whole week.  It allowed me to capture a different aspect of our lives.


Project Life : Week 8 busy, busy, busy, Rodeo

Two words to describe this week : BUSY and Fun!

03 10 13_6670

We had an incredibly busy week…. karate, soccer, homework, WORK, WORK, WORK,  then Houston Rodeo.  It was nice to have some downtime to enjoy Braxton one on one.  He gets less attention now that Jaxson is around so I enjoy small pieces of time with just him.

03 10 13_6671

03 10 13_6674

Robbie, Corrina and Brandon recently moved to Houston.  They met us at the rodeo and we got to spend the day together.  Sure do miss them but enjoyed our time.

03 10 13_6676

The rodeo is full of sights to see, from animals to shopping to events.  We love going every year.

03 10 13_6675

Jaxson stayed with Momma for the weekend.  He had fun playing with Grandmommie.

03 10 13_6673

Check in on my Resolutions

Pray more —- definitely did THIS WEEK!!!

Playing – quality time with Braxton

Drink more water —- YES !

Visit w family – ate lunch with Momma and visited

Smile – I feel blessed !!!

03 10 13_6672

Project Life : Week 2

Reflection!!!! I love looking back at my family memories. While reviewing January pages from my 2012 Project Life album, it hit me how much my little boys have changed in just ONE YEAR. I took advantage of the moment to jot down a couple of comparisons for 2012 vs. 2013.

2012 vs 2013

2012 vs 2013

Here are my Week 2 pages:

01 19 13_6355
01 19 13_6356

I have to say that FOOD and SCRAPBOOKING go together well – both feed the soul. I was enjoying some fresh Pico de Gallo (my brother Keith’s recipe) while writing my journaling for this week. It is so good that I will have to share here. 01 12 13_6320
Pico Recipe
2-3 large tomatoes
1-2 purple onions
1 batch of cilantro
2-3 jalapenos
1-2 avocados
2-3 limes

Cut the tomato and onion first. The trick is to get a little more tomato than onion in the mix. Then cut the jalapenos, avocados, and cilantro. Mix together. Squeeze lime juice from at least 2 limes over and mix. Salt to taste.

Back to the week…. we went back to school and got back into the routine of things after Christmas break. Over the weekend, We got to go with the Aucoin’s to the Mid Winter Fair Rodeo and Braxton thoroughly enjoyed spending time with Carter. We had heavy rains and flooding close to home. Jaxson learning to crawl ALL over the furniture. Good times… I love my boys!

Keeping up with resolutions some:

2012 vs 2013

2012 vs 2013

I am really enjoying the kit that I am using this year Project Life Cobalt Edition, but am still adding embellishments such as the ‘baby talk’ circle and the ‘I Want’ washi tape to put a personal creative touch on my pages.