#ProjectLife Week 14 Truck stuck, Friday playtime, Soccer, Boudin Festival Fun, and Saturday Blog Hop

Truck stuck, Friday playtime, Soccer, Boudin Festival Fun, and Saturday Blog Hop…. full week

04 09 13_6910

04 09 13_6911

04 09 13_6912

Festival fun with food, bands, rides, etc.

04 09 13_6913

My Truck Adventure…. life isn’t all about happy good moments… capture the challenging times too.

04 09 13_6914

My favorite photo of the week… my two precious boys

04 09 13_6915

More festival fun…. Carter and Braxton. Jaxson taking a nap with music blaring.  I love that he is a hard sleeper. Just wish he was a long sleeper as in through the night. Momma needs some rest.

04 09 13_6916

04 09 13_6917

Favorite story of the week:  Every day we say our prayers after we drop off Jaxson at daycare.  Braxton wanted us to start saying them before we dropped him off.  First day we forgot so Braxton prayed to God : “God please send me a NOTE so we can remember to say prayers when Jaxson is in the car”.

These are the memories I love to capture.

04 09 13_6918

Greatest Invention Ever

This week I am thankful for my camera phone.  It may be one of the most wonderful inventions ever.  The ONLY way I was able to capture our pictures this week was with my phone.  The wonderful picture above is a perfect example of MOMENT CAPTURED.  Two brothers playing in the yard on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

Jaxson discovered the rocking chair today.  He crawled up in it and started rocking away all by himself.  This child is really bright and know exactly what he wants.  Right around this age is when you see their minds start exploring the world and I definitely see that in Jaxson.  It just amazes me to watch their skills unfold.

My little camera poser, he is on auto pilot here.  Fun Sunday afternoon!!!  So glad I was able to capture these memories, thank you Cell Phone camera inventor!!!