Week in the Life project #MONDAY

Loved that I was engaged in the week in the life this year. I got the album and teamed up with best friend so we could support each other with staying on track. Here is day one pages complete….. enjoy! 







Again… Life with two boys 

I always feel like I am barely keeping up with life, work, kids, house, etc.  So here is my newest attempt at blogging about my favorite hobby….SCRAPBOOKING!!  Let me say again and again…. The reason I love this hobby is because I get to capture some of my precious moments with these two little ( not for long) boys who call me Mommy. 

 Sunday I played catchup on last three weeks of Project Life using my newest story kit from Ali Edwards – Little Things.  This was my second favorite story kit that she has created. It was so relevant and easy to work with. Here are some of my favorite highlights.
 Love the bright vibrant color combination and I got to use some white string that I have had forever.  

Art walk fun, playtime, capturing memories..

Wonderful journaling card that helped me capture current snapshot of that little one who keeps me on my toes.



Capturing 5 little memories of the week…. Love those teal words that I incorporated into the journaling.    

Story of the week: Jaxson’s mosquito bite…. He woke up and told me that he didn’t want his teacher to see him like this and thought he needed to stay home.   He’s only three and already trying to negotiate out of going to school.




My grandmother passed away five years ago.  I got this plant from the service and the week of her birthday this year I had the most blooms ever. Guess my special little angel is looking down on me.

#aliedwards #projectlife #scrapbooking #lovebeingmomofboys

#ProjectLife Week 33 Fun, sun, school, beach

Long time since I’ve blogged. Been feeling a little behind with life and never catching up. Finally I just STOPPED!!!! I’ll just start here: simple, brief, EVERY DAY LIFE!!!

Started 1st grade !!
Casey and I together for 14 years.
Holly beach trip with family from Texas
Reading books
Eating, eating, eating….





#ProjectLife Week 18 America has a tornado, Dear God, breaking my feelings, and not wanting to grow up.

The main reason I love doing this project it to capture the cute and sweet antidotes of my children. My favorite story from this week was Braxton hearing tornado warnings on the radio. He told me he needed to call his best friend to tell him that America has a tornado. So cute and so sweet.


I have to say that I have been through one or two challenges in my life and this quote that I saw online spoke to me about being strong. Dear God….



Braxton: I didn’t mean to break your feelings.


My favorite photo of the week, so unusual to get both boys looking at the camera.


My cape jasmine plant …. It survived ME. I do not exactly have a green thumb so after Manny’s funeral 3 years ago, I took home a plant that could be buried in the ground to increase it’s odds of survival. Every time I look at it I think about her and how she loved her plants and flowers. She enjoyed the beauty of life every day and I am thankful that she taught me to enjoy it too.


But I don’t want to grow up…. Sweet little Braxton crying worried about who is going to take care of him when he grows up and I grow old. He really wasn’t excited when I told him that it would be his turn to take care of me! But of course I told him he could live with mommy FOREVER.


Week 17 #ProjectLife

Week 17 more baseball, springtime fun and karate








Earth Day at school. Braxton had fun petting all the animals.


My favorite picture of the week. Jaxson having so much fun helping us wash the cars.


Braxton showing me his karate moves.

Week 16 #ProjectLife #zoo #baseball #yummyfood

Week 15

Zoo trip, visit with family, Baseball, Downtown Alive….fun filled week






Braxton trying to be Superman



#ProjectLife week 15 #baseball #friends #playgroundfun

Week 15…..opening weekend for baseball, playing on playground, fun quotes, mouse trap, busy week



Braxton’s 1st handwritten note, phonetically correct , too cute. He was so worried that I would forget to bring his toys to karate.


Let’s Rock This Baby Out…..


Bottom right picture is Braxton’s self made mouse trap. He was going to sit there until mouse ran out to eat then capture it with the bucket. So incredibly sweet especially since he knows how much Mommy dislikes those furry little creatures.


My girl Jill came to visit. She is always there with a smiling face and words of encouragement. We help support each other through daily life challenges.


Have I said lately how much I love this project and capturing our memories!

#ProjectLife Celebratory Blog Hop: 25% done

I started Project Life in 2012. I was so focused on trying to make it like other Project Lifers creative pages that I forgot what my purpose was: TO CAPTURE THE MOMENTS IN OUR EVERYDAY LIVES.

When I was trying to decide whether or not to do Project Life in 2013, I needed to make a change to simplify this year. Here are my Five Survival Tips:

1. Organize supplies so they are easy to find. Project Life kits, tape, pens, embellishments such as date stamp, rub on letters, days of the week stickers, letter stickers, washi tape, etc.


2. Identify tools that you can use to capture your week:
– iPhone camera, Digital camera, iPad
– Voice Notes on iPhone or iPad to capture stories
– Instagram to dress up photos
– notes on iPhone or iPad to capture things I want to say during the week
– location to store memorabilia throughout the week. Mine is on top of my Project Life basket.


3. Know your Purpose! Project Life is whatever you want it to be: creative outlet, photography display, or story telling of your daily life. This year my purpose is to TELL the stories. I am not worried about keeping up with the latest creativity trends. I am using the supplies I have and focusing on capturing the story.


4. Keep it Simple. Simplicity with this project has allowed me to keep up this year and enjoy the process more. One key way I have simplified the process over last year was to use the Design A and Design I protectors only. This enables me to quickly select the pictures and journaling cards needed for my page layouts.


5. Plan for the week: try to develop some consistency with when you work on your album. If you develop some habits early on, it will help you update your album weekly. My process is to upload pictures on Sunday night to my favorite photo lab near work. Then depending on my schedule, I pickup either Monday or Tuesday. I add the photos to my album then work on my journaling cards. My goal each week is to to get layout completed by Wednesday night.

This is truly one of the most meaningful ways I have ever used to scrapbook our lives. I am enjoying the process, the moments, the ease of use, and the end result. By simplifying it, I am able to keep up each week while having two little boys at my feet.

Capture. Purpose. Simplify. Enjoy.

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#ProjectLife Week 14 Truck stuck, Friday playtime, Soccer, Boudin Festival Fun, and Saturday Blog Hop

Truck stuck, Friday playtime, Soccer, Boudin Festival Fun, and Saturday Blog Hop…. full week

04 09 13_6910

04 09 13_6911

04 09 13_6912

Festival fun with food, bands, rides, etc.

04 09 13_6913

My Truck Adventure…. life isn’t all about happy good moments… capture the challenging times too.

04 09 13_6914

My favorite photo of the week… my two precious boys

04 09 13_6915

More festival fun…. Carter and Braxton. Jaxson taking a nap with music blaring.  I love that he is a hard sleeper. Just wish he was a long sleeper as in through the night. Momma needs some rest.

04 09 13_6916

04 09 13_6917

Favorite story of the week:  Every day we say our prayers after we drop off Jaxson at daycare.  Braxton wanted us to start saying them before we dropped him off.  First day we forgot so Braxton prayed to God : “God please send me a NOTE so we can remember to say prayers when Jaxson is in the car”.

These are the memories I love to capture.

04 09 13_6918

Coffee and Saturday Morning Blog Hop #satplbloghop

What a great way to start my Saturday…. Sitting on couch with kids enjoying a cup of coffee and getting to read all about the creativity surrounding @beckyhiggins Project Life. The highlight is my blog being one of the sites featured on Michelle Bostinelos Saturday Blog Hop.


Great start to the weekend!


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