Starting today… 

Starting today ….

  • First page of my One Little Word project – CREATE
  • Setting my goals for the project
  • Already achieving one of my goals (if you own iPhone, you will love this****)

Here is my title page for my album: 

I Love how the word ‘create’ turned out from my Silhouette. 

Next are my goals for this year and this project: 

My Goal ……CREATE – use of new techniques monthly

I just learned something AWESOME. I learned how to add text directly to my photos without having to download another app.

Go into your photos on iPhone. Click on edit, then the ‘three line’ icon at bottom. Then click on three dots. …with circle around them,  then Markup . You can use that tool to write or type on your photos. 

I am so excited about this!!!! Hope you enjoy too. 

Year in Review 2016

First, let me say that we are blessed…. great family, friends and experiences. 

Second, here is the end to my 2016 Project Life scrapbook. I love tying the scrapbook up at the end of the year with some reflection, favorite pictures and of course the kids favorites. 

This year I used Ali Edwards Review Story Kit for most of my project and combined it with One Little Word Reflection digital cards for a hybrid layout mix. 

Here are the main pages rhen we will dive into my favorites.

#Projectlife #aliedwardsstorykit #olw2015

First 5 months of fun!

#Projectlife #aliedwardsstorykit #olw2015

Next 5 months of family and fun!

#Projectlife #aliedwardsstorykit #olw2015

Last two months of blessings and some fun facts about this year.

Moments I loved, kids favorites, 2016 goals met…or not


#Projectlife #aliedwardsstorykit #olw2015

2016 moments I loved

#Projectlife #aliedwardsstorykit #olw2015

Love of brothers, love this photo

#Projectlife #aliedwardsstorykit #olw2015

Extremely fun month!

#Projectlife #aliedwardsstorykit #olw2015

Sister, cousin, best friend

#Projectlife #aliedwardsstorykit #olw2015

Learning to ride! Family time!

BYE,BYE 2016……..HERE WE COME 2017


Ohhh look what I got in the mail. I knew as soon as I was the tape on the box.

One Little Word project scrapbook stuff. I am SSSSOOOOOOO excited to start this project. 

The Purpose: identify a word to focus on for the year and use in everyday life and scrapbooking.  My word is CREATE!!!!!  I can identify with this word in so many different ways…

CREATE memories

CREATE moments

CREATE time with my family


CREATE scrapbook pages 

CREATE Project Life

What can you CREATE in your life that you want more of???

2017 here we come 

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These expressions, moments, every day life….. #decemberdaily

Since part of CHRISTMAS IS ABOUT FAMILY, here are some of my favorite moments captured from last two weeks while doing my December Daily!

#Cooking #spendingtimewmom

Hope he will remember these moments that we cook together.
#Growingup #enjoyeverymoment

FIRST A/R Social dance, he wasn’t even nervous. Wish I was brave like him at that age. 
#Family #capture

Family photo.

#Holidaydessert #grandmommie #christmas

Guess he likes the cake. 

#Christmas #decemberdaily #daywithdaddy

Fun with daddy.

Favorite Pinterest quotes right now 

For those who know me…. I love Pinterest!!!  Here are some of my favorite quotes that touch on different pieces of my life as a mom, worker, and just plain ME in general!
Work ethic!

Take care of yourself!

This is my strong willed child!

Me at night!

I hate…….. ironing!

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December Daily – My favs!!!

Started December Daily and so far here are my favorites so far :

Favorite cut with my Silhouette…

Favorite SMILES….

Favorite Holiday activity…..

Favorite Elf on the Shelf activity…… per Braxton If he were the elf he wants to bring joy to the world and everyone believe in Santa. #Christmasspirit

I love sitting back during the holidays and enjoying the season!  #Christmasspirit

Proud moment! My son and his friends participate in a Social Studies Fair. Out of 10 groups, they came out second. All the kids worked hard and Braxton was the oral presenter. One of the teacher’s observing sent me a message that the judges LOVED his enthusiasm. #Soproud! When I got ready to scrap this wonderful moment, Ali Edwards Story Kit ‘Believe’ was perfect to capture the moment.

#Aliedwards #storykit #craftthestory


Again… Life with two boys 

I always feel like I am barely keeping up with life, work, kids, house, etc.  So here is my newest attempt at blogging about my favorite hobby….SCRAPBOOKING!!  Let me say again and again…. The reason I love this hobby is because I get to capture some of my precious moments with these two little ( not for long) boys who call me Mommy. 

 Sunday I played catchup on last three weeks of Project Life using my newest story kit from Ali Edwards – Little Things.  This was my second favorite story kit that she has created. It was so relevant and easy to work with. Here are some of my favorite highlights.
 Love the bright vibrant color combination and I got to use some white string that I have had forever.  

Art walk fun, playtime, capturing memories..

Wonderful journaling card that helped me capture current snapshot of that little one who keeps me on my toes.



Capturing 5 little memories of the week…. Love those teal words that I incorporated into the journaling.    

Story of the week: Jaxson’s mosquito bite…. He woke up and told me that he didn’t want his teacher to see him like this and thought he needed to stay home.   He’s only three and already trying to negotiate out of going to school.




My grandmother passed away five years ago.  I got this plant from the service and the week of her birthday this year I had the most blooms ever. Guess my special little angel is looking down on me.

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