Wow, what a busy week.  Casey was sick, the boys got to visit with Grandmommie.  We struggled with smiley faces and frowny faces in school.  Braxton celebrated their 100th day in school. Casey and I went to a Mardi Gras Ball.  It was a great week !
 Here is our Project Life .
Adorable pictures this week of Jaxson in a firetruck outfit.  Braxton on spirit day.  Braxton on his 100th day of school.  Casey playing with Jaxson with his puppy.  Decor of the placesettings for the ball.

Braxton played in the yard by himself (without us out there every minute with him).  He played in the backyard with Gage ALL DAY.  Casey and Grandmommie played with Jaxson all weekend.  He laughed and laughed.  At the ball Bonnie had fun with her 50’s glasses and Cracker Jack prize – diamond ring.

One day when I was discussing the rules with Braxton and trying to get him to remember to keep quiet in school.  He told me that I needed to get a smiley face too.  The girls at the office said I had been good that day so they gave me a smilley face.  Fun times !

The note at top says :
If I had $100, I would buy chips.
I could eat 100 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
Project Life – Week 3
Here are my posts for this week.
First page is picture of Braxton playing with his dinosaurs.  He just loves all these little animals.  A snapshot of his report card.  A GREAT picture of Jaxson smiling while we were outside.  I went to Texas on Monday and included the rest area as you enter the state and the Welcome to Texas sign.  Also some pictures that we took during our scrapbook day.  Great times !!
On my second page, I included a fun picture of Braxton playing in the indoor tent that we put up – he was camping !!!  Also included a picture of Oatmeal that Jaxson started eating which makes 3 meals a day for him.  Clipped a section of some extra counting number practices that we are working on because Braxton needs a little improvement in this area. Saturday since it was such a beautiful day, we sat outside under the carport.  Casey cooked, I rocked on my swing, and Braxton and Jaxson played.


Project Life Week 2

Here is my second week for Project Life.  Was worried I wouldn’t be able to get it done since me, Jaxson and Braxton were sick, but I did. I stopped it today because I had enough to fill it and I had the time. 

A wonderful look into the grocery bill for a family of four which includes a baby.  A summary of what our week focused on.
 Memorbilia from our pediatrician.  My journaling about receiving my 1600 photos in the mail from Shutterfly.

Capturing some writing so we can see how we improve by end of school year.
 Casey and Braxton love to try and make Jaxson laugh. 

One lesson I learned this week while trying to get into a groove on Project life is that it might be a good idea to look and see if my picture slots for the upcoming week are going to be landscape or portrait.  I also didn’t stress that I put it together on Saturday even though the week wasn’t ‘technically’ finished yet.  I had the story that I wanted to tell and told it.

Week 1 Project Life

Here are my week one pages.
Story about Braxton and Jaxson playing. Glad I captured this moment.  Pic is on top page above to the left of this journaling.
Tradition of taking down the tree…
My wonderful swing and the story behind it.
I really love Braxton’s imagination, it is CONSTANTLY going.  I also love the angle that I took this shot from….. street level.
My uncompleted list of Top 10 Memories to make.  Also, a great memory of Casey and I dancing in the living room to Urban Cowboy song.
Braxton’s teacher uses Pre-Decodable books to teach them how to read their sight words.  Picture is Braxton reading one to Jaxson and then below is a sample of a front cover of one.
Everyday life…. washing bottles
I am excited so far with Project Life.  Although I haven’t started off this week too good with taking pictures.  Jaxson is sick with hand foot mouth virus and it is throwing me off.  I will get it though, not stressing.

December 2011

December blog…. lots of good pictures… here are some of my favorites.

We had SO MUCH fun with Chippy this year, this was my favorite

Christmas Photo Shoot

I love this hat !

Christmas at Momma’s

Kaden wanted to hold Jaxson

Great pic of the boys

Christmas Eve
Special thanks to my sister-in-law for taking pictures with my camera so we could have these great shots.
Our last picture in front of Manny’s tree

Christmas Day

Four generations

Picture from when we did Christmas at Momma’s.  I really like it although it was on a camera phone, it still came out good.

Ok, so I have now figured out a little more about this blog…. look out 2012.

November 2011

I love baby food faces !
Braxton at his Thanksgiving feast at school, the boys dressed as Indians and the girls as pilgrims.  I love that Braxton’s teacher emails us pictures of the events.

Playing PS3 with Panda on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving football

Aunt Nesa loving her some Jaxson time
 Kaden doing his favorite activity…
Uncle Keith playing cards with the boys, such fun

Ok, now I think I am getting this blog thing.  I can see how to put pictures in order now….yay….